Book Yourself Solid Introduction

Please enjoy this introductory course to Book Yourself Solid based on the international bestselling book by Michael Port.

Book yourself Solid is a business building program that is by far the most comprehensive, step by step road map to helping you to reach and secure more clients than you can handle – even if you hate marketing.

From a philosophical point of view, We believe that there are some people who you are meant to serve (and others, not so much). Our job is to do everything we can to reach the people we are meant to serve.

There is one key practical principle: “Marketing does NOT get you clients. Marketing simply creates awareness about who you are and what you have to offer the world. It’s what you do from the time people become aware of what you offer until the time that they buy that gets you clients. Yes, we need to do marketing, we need to create awareness about what you have to offer.

But marketing is essentially about being relevant – if you are relevant to people then they will pay attention.

In sum, Book Yourself Solid® is a comprehensive system that will teach you strategies to create awareness, and also what to do from that moment on until when your ideal clients buy what you have to offer.

What's included?

7 Videos
11 PDFs
Michael Mackniak, JD
Michael Mackniak, JD
Senior Consultant

About the instructor

Michael Mackniak,JD is a "recovering attorney" who coaches and consults families and high performance professionals in decision-making and leadership roles. His work in the behavioral health field has garnered national recognition from groups such as the National Association of Social Workers, National Alliance on Mental Health, Probate Judges College and several others. 

Michael provides a team approach to consultation on the most difficult and challenging cases. He holds a law degree from Quinnipiac University, a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Bay Path University, is a National Certified Guardian and a certified brain injury specialist. His programs have received multiple awards and honors including national recognition from Eli Lily’s “Welcome Back Award”, NAMI’s “Hero Award” and the 2015 National College of Probate Judge’s “Isabella Award.”

Michael is the nation’s foremost speaker on interrelated human service systems and developing efficient and effective methods for the delivery of needed resources to our most at need populations.He is a pioneer in the care coordination field and lectures across the country to those providing services to the most at-need populations in our society.Commissioners, administrators, directors and clinicians utilize his practical approach to challenging systems issues in a world of decreasing resources and increasing expectations.

From his home in New England, Michael enjoys Fly Fishing and Falconry (His “F” Words). Along with his daughter, he raises chickens, pea-fowl and all of the mice and chipmunks that eat their food (as well as the occasional bear, raccoon, bobcat, hawk and mink).

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