Do you feel shut out by the mental health system and your loved one struggling with mental illness?

Do you live your life in tiny, worrisome, increments because of a loved one with mental health or addiction issues?

Do you want to regain a sense of control and calm over your life in spite of living with a loved one with mental illness or addiction issues?

Do you want a guide to help you make the right choices that will give you a sense of control and stability in your family again?


I help parents feeling frustrated and worried about their kids’ mental health and/or addiction issues sleep better at night.

Mental Illnesses create a family dynamic that is best described as VUCA.

 You are Living in a VUCA world!
(Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)

How often do you get to feeling inept or that you are a “big let down” as a parent? There is guilt there. There is a sense of failure.

Do you waken every day into a Nightmare? You are climbing a hill of sand that keeps slipping under you.

Are you scared and frustrated? The day is chaotic – constantly putting out fires and worrying where the next one will crop up.

Do you long for a feeling that you are doing your best – doing all you can for your loved one?


This program is designed specifically to help families control the chaos that is brought on by complex mental health issues.

This six week program will teach you to
BE Proactive.
BE Proficient.
CHANGE your Lives!

Do you want to feel a sense of control over many moving parts?
Do you want to better understand a system that is overwhelming and complex?
Do you, at the very least, seek consistency and a base from which to work?
Do you seek  “normalcy?”

You will be equipped to GO BEYOND THE STATUS QUO.
Family Empowerment NOW gives you

  • over six hours of direct contact with an industry leader in the macro-level treatment of Mental Illnesses.
  • Personal Development Strategies from one of the most elite High Performance Consultant in the world.
  • access to hours of informational course work, seminars and articles.
  • BONUS materials that you can put to use immediately every day to help you make sense of the chaos around you.

All this in over ten hours of material that has been in development for over twenty years!

Learn at your own pace; you will never lose access to these materials – they are yours forever.

The six hours of direct consultation with Michael is valued at over $1,800.00 alone!

Here is a taste of some of the topics we will cover in addition to open “office hours” and your initial one hour consultation.

Developing an Interrelated Service System
Fiduciary Best Practices
Personal Courage      
The “Crazy” System
Community Based Living “Life” cycle
Ethical Decision-making
Influence and Persuasion
Basic Definitions
Information Gathering and Sharing
Time Management
Psychology and Purpose
Self Care

We look forward to helping you control the chaos!

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Week 2: The "Crazy" System

    • Core Concept Call #1 : Courage

    • Courage Video

    • Concept Call #1 Courage Transcript

    • Core Concept Call #1: Courage

    • Week 2 Overview

    • Courage Checklist and Assessment

    • Approval Addiction Assessment

    • Probate Court Process Intro

    • Fiduciary Best Practices Video Part 1

    • V.U.C.A. Reference Sheet

  • 3

    Week 3: Fiduciary Concepts Continued

    • Open Forum Call - Interrelated Service Systems

    • Group Discussion - Value of An Interrelated Service System

    • Week Three Overview

    • Fiduciary Best Practices 2

    • Inter-related Service System Infographic

    • Community Based Living InfoGraphic

  • 4

    Week 4: Decision-making

    • Core Concept Call #2 Influence and Persuasion

    • Influence and Persuasion Video

    • Influence and Persuasion Worksheet

    • Core Concept Call #2: Influence and Persuasion

    • Week Four Content Overview

    • Viki Kind Interview - Decision Making

    • Important Definitions

    • Viki Kind Decision-making Worksheets: 10 Steps In Crisis

    • Viki Kind Decision-Making Worksheets: Weighing the Options

    • Viki Kind Decision-making Worksheet: Evaluating Risk

    • Viki Kind Decision-Making worksheets: Outcome Roadmap

  • 5

    Week 5: Information Gathering and Sharing

    • Open Forum Call: 7Cs to Cure the Behavioral Health System

    • Group Discussion - 7Cs to Cure the Behavioral Health System

    • Week 5 Content Overview

    • HIPAA Interview transcript

    • 7Cs to Cure the Behavioral Health System

    • Universal Decision-Making Formula

  • 6

    Week 6: Self Care

    • Core Concept Call #3 Psychology of Purpose

    • Psychology of Purpose video

    • Psychology and Purpose Transcript

    • Core Concept Call #3 Psychology of Purpose

    • Week 6 Content Overview

    • Time Management Interview

    • Psychology and Purpose Worksheets

    • Comprehensive Record Keeping Tool

    • Character Self Assessment

  • 7


    • Thank You

    • Powerful Family Plea

    • Isaac Hopper Quote

    • Family Empowerment NOW Final Exam

About the instructor

Senior Consultant

Michael Mackniak, JD

Michael Mackniak is an attorney, innovator and strategist.He specializes in coaching wellness professionals: caregivers, decision-makers and fiduciaries to develop comprehensive formulas in order to obtain the necessary services for their loved ones, friends or clients.Michael provides a team approach to consultation on the most difficult and challenging cases. He holds a law degree from Quinnipiac University, a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Bay Path University, is a National Certified Guardian and a certified brain injury specialist. His programs have received multiple awards and honors including national recognition from Eli Lily’s “Welcome Back Award”, NAMI’s “Hero Award” and the 2015 National College of Probate Judge’s “Isabella Award.”Michael is the nation’s foremost speaker on interrelated human service systems and developing efficient and effective methods for the delivery of needed resources to our most at need populations. He has lectured across the United States demonstrating the effectiveness of proactive planning in avoiding costly and ineffective interventions in all service settings. Commissioners, administrators, directors and clinicians utilize his practical approach to challenging systems issues in a world of decreasing resources and increasing expectations."Saving Melissa: The Seven 7C's for Curing the Mental Health System" offers readers insight and strategies into the process on creating an interrelated service system in their community. The book acts as a guide to all “Helping Professionals” wishing to deliver meaningful programming in the most effective and efficient manner.

"I wish I had access to this information years ago. This will be so valuable to people who find themselves in these situations." -Mary N.

Join us NOW! New Course beginning SOON!

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The six hours of direct consultation with Michael is valued at over $1,800.00 alone!

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